We will be closed for restocking from November 17th to 24nd. During this time, we will continue to receive and respond to orders and emails, but no orders will be shipped.


We are a registered Export Establishment with an authorised officer which allows us to process Phytosanitary certificates when required.
The purchaser is responsible for clearing the goods through their customs and paying all charges associated with clearing the goods, including any import fees and taxes if applicable. The purchaser is responsible for the clearance. Failing to do this may result in the goods being destroyed by their customs

Australian Seed cannot accept returns due to Australian quarantine restrictions.

US Customers:
The United States now requires a "small Seed Lot Permit" to import seeds. This is free and can be completed online by visiting: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/ourfocus/planthealth/import-information/permits/plants-and-plant-products-permits/plants-for-planting/ct_smalllots_seed
A step by step guide on obtaining the permit can be found on our website USDA Permit Information for USA
We strongly recommend you obtain a permit to import small seed lots to ensure they pass through your customs unhindered.

Once you obtain your permit please ensure when emailing us your “Small Seed Lot “permit you include both the permit and the green and yellow shipping labels. Both these are required before we ship your order.

Last Update: 04th March 2023 (copyright Information for International Customers revised)

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