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ADANSONIA digitata

African Baobab
Fresh African seed

AUD $7.50
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ARDISIA crenata

Coral Berry

AUD $4.95
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BAUHINIA hookeri

Mountain Ebony

AUD $4.00
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BEAUCARNEA recurvata

Ponytail Palm

AUD $4.00
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Tree Wisteria
This season stock just arrived

AUD $6.00
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CALLITRIS pyramidalis (syn. ACTINOSTROBUS pyramidalis)

Swamp Cypress Pine, Swan River Cypress Pine or King George's Cypress Pine 

AUD $4.25
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CAPPARIS spinosa

Caper Bush

AUD $6.00
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COLUTEA arborescens

Bladder Senna

AUD $4.40
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