Exotic plants, also known as non-native or non-indigenous species, can survive and reproduce in an area they are not native to.


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ACER buergerianum

Trident Maple

ACER campestre

Field Maple

ACER ginnala

Amur Maple

ACER negundo

Box Maple

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ADANSONIA digitata

African Baobab

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ADANSONIA gregorii

Australian Baobab

ALBIZIA julibrissin rosea

Pink Silk Tree

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ALOE africana

African Aloe

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ALOE candelabrum

Candelabra Aloe

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ALOE castanea

Cat Tail Aloe

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ALOE claviflora

Kraal Aloe or jacka's Tail Aloe

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ALOE cooperi

Cooper's aloe

ALOE dyeri

Large Flowered Aloe

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ALOE ecklonis

 Grass Aloe

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ALOE ferox

Cape Aloe

ALOE fosteri

Foster's Spotted Aloe or Large Spotted Aloe

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ALOE globuligemma

Witch Doctor's Aloe

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ALOE greatheadii

Spotted Aloe

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ALOE hereroensis

Sand Aloe

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ALOE humilis

Spider Aloe

ALOE maculata

Soap Aloe or Zebra Aloe

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ALOE marlothii

Mountain Aloe

ALOE parvibracteata

Small bract Aloe

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ALOE rupestris

Bottlebrush Aloe

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ALOE speciosa

Tilt Head Aloe

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ALOE striata

Coral Aloe

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ALOE thraskii

Dune Aloe or Palm Aloe

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ALOE vanbalenii

Van Balen's Aloe or Crawling Octopus

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ALOE zebrina

Zebra leaf aloe

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ARDISIA crenata

Coral Berry

BEAUCARNEA recurvata

Ponytail Palm

BIXA orellana

Lip-stick Tree


Tree Wisteria
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Leopard tree

CAESALPINIA pulcherrima

Red Bird Of Paradise

CALLITRIS preissii

Rottnest Island Pine, Southern Cypress pine or Sandhill Pine

CALLITRIS pyramidalis (syn. ACTINOSTROBUS pyramidalis)

Swan River Cypress Pine or King George's Cypress Pine 

CALLITRIS rhomboidea

Oyster Bay Pine or Port Jackson Pine

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