Flowers have long been admired and used by humans. Most people think that flowers are beautiful or love flowers for their fragrances.

People also enjoy them growing in their gardens for their looks or as cut flowers

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OLEARIA axillaris 10g

Coastal Dune Daisy

OLEARIA lirata

Snow Daisy Bush

OLEARIA muelleri

Goldfields Daisy

OLEARIA ramulosa

Twiggy Daisy Bush

OLEARIA rudis (Pure Seed)

Azure Daisy Bush


Morning Iris

OZOTHAMNUS diosmifolius

Ball Everlasting

OZOTHAMNUS obcordatus

Yellow-top Everlasting

OZOTHAMNUS thyrsoideus

Sticky Everlasting

PANSY Aalsmeer King Size Mix

Viola wittrockiana

PANSY Clear Crystal Scarlet

Viola wittrockiana

PANSY Clear Crystal Space Blue

Viola wittrockiana

PANSY Dreams of Fire

Viola wittrockiana

PANSY Swiss Giants Rhine Gold

Viola wittrockiana

PANSY Swiss Giants Ullswater

Viola wittrockiana

PEMBERTONIA latisquamea syn. Brachyscome latisquamea

Shark Bay Daisy or Climbing daisy

PETUNIA Fire Chief - nana compacta

Petunia nana compacta

PHLOX Beauty Mix

Phlox drummondii

PHLOX Cecily Mix

Phlox drummondii

PHLOX Paniculata Mix

Garden Phlox


Platycodon grandiflora

POLEMONIUM Jacobs Ladder

Polemonium caeruleum


Poached Egg Daisy

POPPY Iceland Victory Giant Mix

 PAPAVER rhoeas nudicaule

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