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ACACIA aphanoclada 250g

Nullagine ghost wattle
Priority 1: Poorly-known species - known from few locations

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Family: Fabaceae
Sub-family: Mimosaceae
Characteristics: Shrub or small tree 1.7-5 m

Seed per packet: Approx. 20
Seed per gram:  Approx. 110

An erect, slender, wispy shrub often with a single stem and slender drooping branchlets that produce yellow spherical flowers from August to October.

The Nullagine ghost wattle typically grows to a height of 1.7 to 5 metres and like most species of Acacia, it has phyllodes rather than true leaves
The phyllodes are narrowly linear, 20-45 cm long and 1.5-2mm wide.

Occurs naturally in the Pilbara region in Western Australia.

WA Conservation code: Priority 1: Species that are known from one or a few locations (generally five or fewer) which are potentially at risk.

Prefers light well-drained soil in an open sunny position. Well suited to sandy soils and long dry summers. Drought resistant and moderately frost tolerant.

Pre-treatment: Hot Water
Place the seed in a container and pour in just boiled water and allow to soak overnight.
The swollen seed can then be sown, re-treat seeds that have not swollen.
Sow seed 3-5mm keep moist.Germination should occur in 10-21 days @ 18-22C.

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