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BALAUSTION pulcherrimum

Native Pomegranate

NZ Prohibited

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Family: Myrtaceae

Characteristics: Small prostrate shrub 20-30 cm spread 1.2 m

Seeds per packets: 15

A small attractive prostrate shrub 20-30 cm in height  and 1.2 metre in width endemic to the sandplain regions of mid-western Australia.

Red/orange flowers similar to pomegranate flowers occur in June or from September to December.
Good ground-cover plant for a hot dry position.

Prefers a well-drained sandy soil in a sunny position, drought and frost resistant. 

Sow on surface firm gently, coverly lightly.

Keep warm & moist. Do not let dry out. Germination 14-28 days @18-22 C

One method is to sow the seed as above and the contaier placed in water to half the depth of the propagating mix, capillary action will draw the water up into the mix and avoid seed distrubance while awaiting germination.                                                         


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