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BEAN Bush Tongue of Fire

Phaseolus vulgaris

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Family: Fabaceae

Characteristics: Annual legume

Seed per packet: Approx 10


A dwarf bush bean that produces stringless, flattened pods up to about 15cm long with beans that have a a mild, sweet, nutty flavour and a good, creamy texture.

Both the pods and dried beans are pale green in colour with attractive, vibrant red streaking. The pods can be picked young and eaten as a green bean or allowed to mature and cooked as a shelled bean.

Tropical: Year Round
Temperate: Spring to Late Summer
Cold: Mid-Spring to Mid-Summer

Sow: 25mm deep.
Soaking seed overnight prior to sowing helps with the up-take of moisture for germination. Best sown direct in growing position in moist soil.
Germination: 10-14 days.
Plant space: 10cm
Row space: 50cm
Maturity: 8-10 weeks

Feed with a soluble fertiliser every two weeks for stronger plants.

Adaptable to most good garden soils, prefers an open sunny position.

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