BEAN Climbing Snake Black Seeded

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Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis

Other names: Yard (Metre) long beans

Family: Fabaceae

Characteristics: Annual climbing legume  2-3m

Seed per packet: 10

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A fast growing Asian variety of bean that produces an abundance of thin long green stringless pods containing black beans.

Pods can grow to 50-60 cm but are best picked around 30cm when the seed is smaller and more flavoursome. Good steamed, stir-fried, in curries and in salads.

Can be eaten fresh as whole pod fresh or cooked, best harvested around 30cm when beans are still slim and before the beans begin to show.

Tropical: Year Round
Temperate: Spring to Late Summer
Cold: Mid-Spring to Mid-Summer

Sow: 25mm deep.
Soaking seed overnight prior to sowing helps with the up-take of moisture for germination. Best sown direct in growing position in moist soil.
Germination: 10-14 days.
Plant space: 10cm
Row space: 50cm
Maturity: 8-10 weeks

Feed with a soluble fertiliser every two weeks for stronger plants.

Adaptable to most good garden soils, prefers an open sunny position.

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