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BROCCOLI Umpqua (Organic)

Brassica oleracea

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Family: Brassicaceae

Characteristics: Annual vegetable

Seed per packet: Approx 30


This superior broccoli is one of the highest yielding open pollinated varieties with uniform central heads and a produces a good amount of side shoots with an excellent texture and flavour over a long season.

A versatile variety that can be grown through summer & winter. Excess harvest can be blanched and then frozen.

Adaptable to most good garden soils, prefers an open sunny position.

Tropical: Autumn & Winter
Temperate: Late Summer to Spring.
Cool climate: Late Spring to early Summer

Sow: 6mm deep
For best results sow in trays od seed raising mix and transplant when 6cm tall.
Plant space: 40cm
Row Space: 40cm
Germination: 5-10 days
Maturity: 8-10 weeks

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