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Leopard tree

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Family: Fabaceae

Characteristics: Tree to 20m that makes good material for bonsai

Seeds per packets: 5


Native to Brazil this is marvelous material for bonsai. The attractive dappled grey through to brown bark of the “Leopard tree” gives the tree an appearance of a leopard skin hence the common name. Bright yellow bell shaped flowers appear in spring which are followed by relatively large shiny seed pods.

Prefers a well drained soil in a open sunny position. Tolerant of periods of dryness and light frosts.

The plant is easily propagated from seed. The seed may be quickly germinated by nipping the hard outer coat with a nail clipper and placing them to soak overnight in water or by placingin just boiled water and soaking overnight, sow swollen seed re-treat others.
Sow the depth of the seed size and keep warm & moist. Germination should occur in 10-28 days in temperatures of 18-25°C 

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