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Canna indica

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Family: Cannaceae

Characteristics: Perennial 1.2 m spread 0.5 m

Seeds per packets: 10


An ornamental perennial plant with large green oval foliage and exotic red flowers.

Adaptable to a range soil and climates from temperate to tropical, prefers moist rich soils in an open sunny position.

Native to the Caribbean Islands. 

Canna seeds germinate readily, however they do have a hard outer coating which is impervious to water and generally germination will normally not occur unless the seed is scarified by abrading or pre-treated with hot water first.

  1. Place the seed in a container and pour in luke warm to hot water and allow to soak overnight.
  2. The swollen seed can then be sown, re-treat seeds that have not swollen.
  3. Sow the depth of seed keep warm & moist but not wet.
  4. Germination should occur in 10-21 days @ 21-24 C

Another method that can be used is to nick seed with sharp knife or sand the seed with sandpaper to expose small area of pale colour is showing and place in warm water 24 hrs. Care must be taken not to damage the embryo. 

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