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CARDOON Rough d’alger

Cynara cardunculus

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Family: Asteraceae

Characteristics: Perennial thistle 2.4 m

Seed per packet: Approx 10

An heirloom Cardoon that originates from Algeria, hence the name “Rough d’alger”
Large edible ornamental stalk’s are blush red  are a feature of this cardoon as they are highlighted again he  blue-green leaves. The attractive thistle like flowers can also be cooked before the bud opens similar to Artichoke. To harvest remove the largest 'king head' first after which secondary heads will form.

One of the most attractive heirloom varieties growing up to 2.4m (8ft)

Cardoon  is of the same family as Artichoke, cardoon are generally grown for their edible stalks and Artichoke for their edible flower.

Prefers a deep rich soil in an open sunny position, frost resistant but drought tender.

Prefers a deep rich soil in an open sunny position, frost resistant but drought tender.

Tropical: Autumn and Winter. 
Temperate: Spring and Autumn.
Cold: Spring.

Sow: 5mm deep.
For best results sow directly into soil where they are to grow.
Germination: 5-7 days.
Plant space: 60cm
Row space: 60 cm
Maturity: 52 weeks

Feed regularly with a soluble fertiliser for stronger plants.To promote new growth harvest continuously.

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