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CARROT Lunar White

Daucus carota

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Family: Apiaceae

Characteristics: Root vegetable

Seed per packet: Approx. 200


Clearly one of the prettiest carrots to grow in your garden, the Lunar White carrot plants produce a mildly flavoured, white fleshed carrot that is almost coreless. One of only a few true white carrots, this is an excellent choice for salads and gourmet dishes

Carrots grow best in full sun but tolerate some shade. Avoid deformed carrots by planting them in loose soil free from stones or rocks.

Tropical: Late Summer to Early Spring
Temperate: All Seasons
Cool climate: All Seasons

Sow: 6mm deep
For best results sow in drills direct in growing position. Thin after 3-4 weeks
Plant space: 5cm
Row Space: 20-25cm
Germination: 10-21 days
Maturity: 16-20 weeks

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