COSMOS Psyche Double Mix

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Cosmos bipinnatus

Family: Asteraceae

Subfamily: Asteroideae

Characteristics: Annual 90-120 cm

Seeds per packet: 30

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Psyche is a frilly petal packed delight with the bloom power of a Gerbera and the easy care, long blooming habit of a wildflower. Psyche bears big 10 cm fully to semi-double blooms of deep lavender pink, crimson, and white arising on strong stems making them ideal for cutting.

Tropical: Winter to Spring
Temperate: Spring to Early Summer.
Cool climate: Mid-Spring to Early-Summer.

Sow: 6mm deep
Best sown direct or sow in trays and transplant when large enough to handle.
Plant in a well-drained soil in a sunny position.
Plant space: 40-50cm
Germination: 14-21 days
Flowering: 10-12 weeks

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