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Japanese Cedar 

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Family: Cupressaceae

Subfamily: Taxodioideae

Characteristics: Evergreen Tree to 50 m usually 10-20 m in cultivation

Seeds per packets: 20

The Japanese cedar is a slender, pyramidal evergreen conifer with tiered horizontal branching, which is slightly pendulous in habit with soft foliage. In cooler climates, the foliage turns a bronze colour. The tiny, round cones can last for a year or more on the tree.
Native to forested areas in Japan and China where it typically grows as a single trunk tree to 50 metre tall with an 2.4 metre diameter. In cultivation in it grows much smaller, more typically to 15-20 metres tall.

The timber is extremely fragrant and weather resistant. The timber is used for the making of staves, tubs, casks, and for building and furniture.

It is the national tree of Japan where it is often planted at temples and shrines. 

Prefers moist rich well-drained soils in a sunny position but will tolerates light shade.

Cold stratification recommended.

Method of cold stratification:

Soak seed 24 hours in water
Place seed on a moist paper towel and fold over or sow as normal in container.
Put paper towel or container in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator for 4-6 weeks.
Remove to warm area and await germination.

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