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CUCUMBER Painted Serpent

Cucumis melo

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Family: Cucurbitaceae

Characteristics: Annual creeping vine

Seed per packet: 15


An early heirloom variety  that produces light green stripped fruits which curls into snake-like shapes with a a crisp, mild flavour.

Grows to 100-120 cm (3-4’) but best harvested when 20-30 cm (8-10”) long.

Adaptable to most good garden soils that is well-drained in a sunny position; provide adequate food and water.

Tropical: Spring & Autumn
Temperate: Spring & Summer.
Cool climate: Late Spring & Summer

Sow: 1cm deep
Best sown direct in a sunny well drained position 3-4 seeds in a mound. Thin to the strongest two plants in each mound.
Plant space: 30cm
Row Space: 100 cm
Germination: 6-10 days
Maturity: 6-8 weeks

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