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ECHINOPS Ritro Pure White

Globe Thistle

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Family: Lamiaceae

Characteristics: Herbaceous perennial  60 cm

Seeds per packet: Approx 25


A non-demanding hardy upright herbaceous perennial with pure white globe shaped flowers on long stemmed silvery blue foliage.

Well suited to any cottage garden and useful in borders. Flowers can be cut and dried for long lasting decoration, excellent colour retention when dried.

Adaptable to most soil types providing it is free draining. Drought tolerant.

TropicalAutumn & Winter.
Temperate: Late Winter to Late Summer.
Cool climate: Early Spring to Mid Summer.

Sow: 3mm deep
Sow direct or sow in trays and transplant when large enough to handle.
Plant in a well-drained soil in a sunny position.
Plant space: 40cm
Germination: 14-28 days

Feed regularly with as soluble fertiliser for healthier, stronger plants.

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