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Silky Oak

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Family: Proteaceae

Subfamily: Grevilleoideae

Characteristics: Tree to 30 m spread 4 m

Seed per packet: 10

Native to eastern Australia G. robusta is very ornamental and fast growing and is one of the easiest Grevillea's to grow. In this tree's native environment it can grow to the 30 metres but in cultivation usually less than half that size. Prized for its beautiful timber that is used in furniture making. Fern like leaves with a slivery underside which are almost hidden by the masses of golden yellow orange flowers in late spring. Truly a spectacular tree in flower.

Prefers medium to heavy soils in an open sunny position, drought resistant but frost tender,

Although germination of this genus can occur without smoke treatment it has proven beneficial in reducing the number of days to germination and increasing germination rates in some species of this genus. Smoke treatments available by clicking here.

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