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LINUM Blue Flax

Liinum perenne

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Family: Linaceae

Characteristics: Tufted perennial 60 cm

Seeds per packet: 30


Linum perenne is a hardy perennial with spirally arranged narrow lanceolate leaves 1–2.5 cm long.

Pale blue flowers 2.5cm in diameter occur profusely over the flowering season. Suitable for mass planting where is produces a spectacular display or use in borders.

Adaptable to garden most well-drained garden soils in a sunny position but prefers an average soil that is not to rich.

Photo credit to Skoch3 CC BY-SA 2.5

Best sown late winter early spring. Seeds require light to germinate, do not sow deeply.

Sow: Sow on surface and cover lightly. Keep warm and moist but not too wet.
Germination: 21-28 days @ 18-22°C

Plant space: 40cm

Feed with a soluble fertiliser every two weeks for stronger plants.

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