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Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
(Formally Mesembryanthemum) 

Family: Aizoaceae

Characteristics: Ground cover 5-10 cm Spread 30-60 cm

Seeds per packet: 100

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Low growing making it ideal for carpeting, borders, rockeries or growing between pavings. Vivid colours including rose, crimson, buff, pink, primrose and golden apricot flowers; this colourful annual needs full bright sun. Soil should be well drained and not too fertile. Water sparingly throughout growing season. Ideal for rockery plantings, containers, hillsides and as summer annual ground cover.

Livingstone daisy form part of the Aizoaceae family which are commonly known as stone plants, a species that resemble stones or pebbles

Adaptable to most garden soils that are well drained and not to fertile, will tolerate drought once established, water sparing throughout the growing season.

Sow: Sow on surface and firm into soil, cover just enough to hold the seed in place. Keep moist whilst germination occurs. do not cover the seed deeply.
Germination: 14-28 days at 18-22°C

Do not overwater during the growing season

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