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Preforma Tray & Plugs 78 Cell 3 pcs

Highly recommended for strong root growth.

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Highly recommended for strong root growth the Preforma plant plug system comes with a 78-cell reusable tray prefilled with 78 plugs.
The high quality substrate of the plug is held together with a binder is  especially well-suited for expensive seed varieties, hard to root cuttings or mechanized handling systems.

The plugs retain an air content up to 30%, securing no compaction of the plugs even under heavy misting conditions.
An ideal medium for propagation, providing an optimal environment for uniform and fast rooting.
The binder makes transplanting without transplant shock possible, as the plugs will not fall apart even under lightly rooted conditions.

With a proven track record Prefoma system are economical and ideal for seed, cuttings, vegetables or forestry applications.

For re-fill plugs for the tray see Preforma Re-fill Plugs

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