PROTEA nerifolia

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Oleander Leaf Protea

Family: Proteaceae

Characteristics: Shrub 3 m spread 2 m

Seeds per packet: 5

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Shrub to 3 m native to South Africa with an erect branching stem and narrow oblong oleander like leaves 10 cm long. Fragrant silvery pink flowers tipped with a black fringe.

Prefers a light well-drained soil in an open sunny position but will tolerate a wide range of soils and suited for coastal planting. Drought resistant but frost tender.
In cultivation Protea neriifolia has a wider tolerance than most other proteas and can be grown in a climate with wet winters and dry summers, or wet summers and dry winters.

The best time to sow is usually autumn or spring when the temperature range is between 16-22°C and there is difference of day and night temperatures of around 12°C.
If your summer is hot and dry and your winter is moderate and wet the best time to sow is autumn.
In colder climates with less harsh summers it is usually better to sow in spring.

  1. The growing medium should be well draining but should remain damp between watering.
  2. Sow the seed the depth on the seed size. Vermiculite is a good medium to use to cover the surface as it helps retain moisture and controls the temperature. 
  3. Keep moist but not too wet as the seed may rot. Do not let the growing mix completely dry out. 
  4. Germination should occur in 21-60 days depending on the temperature and conditions. 

Pre-treatment of smoke is recommended:
Members of the Proteaceae are responsive to pre-treatment of smoke. Although germination will often occur without smoke treatment it has proved to be beneficial in reducing the number of days to germination and increasing germination rates in many species of the Proteaceae family 
Smoke treatments are simple and can be undertaken either by soaking the seed overnight or by applying to the surface after sowing, both provide good results. Smoke treatments available by clicking here.

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