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Seed Starter - Smoke Infused Paper 10 pcs

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Seeds of many native species are dormant and require specific conditions or pre-treatment for germination.

Although not always critical in breaking the seed dormancy in some species it will often reduce germination times and or increase germination rates, other species can be difficult to germinate without it.

When soaked in water the solution contains natural chemicals found in smoke that have been found to break the dormancy and stimulate germination in many Australian plants. The degree of stimulation varies by species but on average will increase the number of seedlings by at least two when compared to untreated seed.

Directions for Use.

For best results keep unused paper disc in a sealed packet and store in the refrigerator at -4°C (40°F) until used.

Stored in the refrigerator they will retain the active smoke chemical for 2 years.

Place the paper disc in a container (e.g. cup or small bowl) and add 50ml of water to the container to wash to the smoke chemical from the paper disc. Each disc will treat approx 100 large seed when soaked in 50ml of water.

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