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Ipomoea aquatica

Family: Convolvulaceae

Characteristics: Aquatic leaf vegetable

Seed per packet: 6

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Short tropical vine that is also known as water spinach, suited to moist hot situations. Young shoots eaten raw or cooked, older shoots cooked.

Ideal for swampy places and water gardens. Practically all parts of the young plants are eaten. Since older stems become fibrous, young succulent tips are preferred. These are eaten fresh or cooked like spinach. Water spinach is a frost sensitive plant.

Adaptable to a range of climates from temperate to tropical, grows in water or moist soils in the warmer months. Can be grown in containers in a warm position in cooler climates given enough water. Optimal temperatures for growth are between 23-29 °C (75- 85 °F) Frost sensitive.

Tropical: All Year Round
Temperate: Spring to Summer
Cold: Summer

Sow: Soak seed 24 hours. Sow 5mm deep.
Germination: 14-21 days.

Keep warm and moist. Requires heat to germinate.

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