SQUASH Custard White


Cucurbita pepo

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Characteristics: Annual vine

Seed per packet: 12

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An old American heirloom summer squash that was known in the 13 Colonies as early as 1722 and had been grown by Native Americans for hundreds of years prior. Even today, with its long history, the variety is still one of the best tasting and highest yielding summer squashes available. The flesh is very finely fine grained, white in colour and features a very rich, tasty flavour. This squash variety is best when picked at a small size.

Tropical: All Year Round
Spring to Summer
Temperate: Spring to Summer.
Cool climate: Mid-Spring to Mid-Summer.

Sow: 2cm deep
Best sown direct in a sunny well drained position 3 seeds in a mound 70cm apart. Thin to the stongest two plants in each mound.
Plant space: 70cm
Row space: 70cm
Germination: 7-10 days
Maturity: 6-7 weeks

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