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TOMATO Reistomate

Solanum lycopersicon 

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Family: Solanaceae

Subfaimly: Solanoideae

Characteristics: Annual fruiting vine

Seeds per packet: 25



A rare and unusual Peruvian heirloom tomato with a clusters of smaller cherry fruits stuck together. It was bred for trekking the Andes and also called "Traveller Tomato" for the ability to tear it apart a piece at time without knife. 

The vigorous plants grow up to 1.5 metres tall. The thick-skinned fruits are juicy and highly acidic.

Adaptable to most soils but produces the best fruit in a deep free-draining soil with consistent moisture in a sunny position. Protect from strong winds, support with stakes when required.

Tropical: All Year Round
Temperate: Late Winter to Early Summer.
Cool climate: Spring

Sow: 6mm deep
For best results grow in seed raising trays of a quality seed raising mix. Keep warm and moist. Transplant when 5-7cm high.
Plant space: 75-100cm
Row Space: 50-60cm
Germination: 10-14 days
Maturity: 10-12 weeks

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