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ZUCCHINI Rondo De Nice (Heirloom)

Cucurbita pepo

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Family: Cucurbitaceae
Characteristics: Annual vine 

Seed per packet: Approx. 15
Seed per gram: Approx. 7-9

These tasty little round zucchinis have been favourites for generations in French farmers markets. Because their skins and tender flesh bruise easily, they are not found in supermarkets, but are easily grown by home gardeners.

Harvest these squash when small or grow them up to 7.5-10 cm (3-4”) Serve the babies steamed or sautéed with other vegetables or stuff the larger ones to bake and serve for summer meals.

Grow notes: 

Adaptable to most good garden soils that is well-drained in a sunny position; provide adequate food and water.

TropicalAll Year Round
Temperate: Early Spring-Late Summer.
Cool climate: Mid Spring-Early Summer

Sow: 1cm deep
Best sown direct in a sunny well drained position 3 seeds in a mound 70cm apart. Thin to the stongest two plants in each mound.
Plant space: 70cm
Row Space: 70cm
Germination: 6-10 days
Maturity: 6-8 weeks

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