Exotic plants, also known as non-native or non-indigenous species, can survive and reproduce in an area they are not native to.


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PROTEA scolymocephala

Thistle Sugarbush
Red List of South African Plants: Vulnerable

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PROTEA susannae

Stink Leaf Sugarbush
Red List of South African Plants: Near Threatened

PYRUS calleryana

Bradford Pear


China Doll Plant

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SENNA artemisioides ssp artemisioides

Silver Cassia or Feathery Cassia

SENNA floribunda

Golden Showy Tree

SENNA glutinosa ssp pruinosa

White Cassia or Silver Senna

SPARTIUM junceum

Spanish Broom


White Bird of Paradise

TIPUANA tipu 10g

Pride of Bolivia

YUCCA filamentosa

Adams Needle

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