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KENNEDIA beckxiana

Priority 4: Rare, Near Threatened
Cape Arid Climber

KENNEDIA carinata

Clover Carpet Red Flowers

KENNEDIA coccinea - Coral Creeper

Pink and Red Flowers


Fine Red Creeper

KENNEDIA lateritia - Red flowers

Threatened flora
syn. KENNEDIA macrophylla
Cape Leeuwin Climber or Augusta Kennedia

KENNEDIA microphylla

Miniature Creeper

KENNEDIA nigricans

Black Coral Creeper or Tiger Snake Vine

KENNEDIA procurrens

Purple Running Pea

KENNEDIA prorepens - deep purple fls

Desert Kennedia or Running Violet

KENNEDIA prostrata - Climbing Form

Running Postman or Scarlet Runner

KENNEDIA prostrata - Creeping Form

Running Postman Creeping Form

KENNEDIA rubicunda

Dusky Coral Pea

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