CALOTIS cuneifolia

Purple Burr Daisy

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Family: Asteraceae
Characteristics: Perennial 30 cm spread 30 cm

Seed per packet: Approx. 50
seed per gram:

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Calotis cuneifolia is a dwarf, rounded perennial with small wedge-shaped leaves and prolific daisy flower heads that are carried for most of the year.
A decorative plant that flowers profusely and retains its dense shape with minimum tip pruning. Great for native cottage gardens and rockeries.

Endemic to the southern parts of Australia.

Prefers a dry, well-drained soil in an open sunny position, drought and frost-resistant.

The best time to sow calotis is Autumn and Winter after the first good rainfalls.
The seed should be soaked in lukewarm water before sowing. The optional germination temperature is 20-25ºC

Spread the seeds evenly on top of a porous seed-raising mix and cover them with a very thin layer of the mix (around 1-2 mm). To prevent disturbing the seeds, use a fine mist spray to water them. Put the container in a warm, semi-shaded spot to prevent the seeds from drying. It's essential to keep the mix warm and moist but avoid letting it dry out or becoming waterlogged.

Please note:
These growth notes are provided as guidance only and do not guarantee successful germination.


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