Nelumbo nucifera

Family: Nelumbonaceae

Characteristics: Aquatic plant

Seeds per packet: 3

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An aquatic perennial native to southern Asia and Australia. A 1,288 year old seed of this species collected from an ancient lake bed in China is the oldest terminable seed on record. This species is intimately linked with the Buddhist religion, symbolizing vitality and purity. Along with its ornamental value, this plant is cultivated for food and traditional Chinese medicine. Virtually all parts of the plant can be eaten.

To grow Nelumbo nucifera Sacred Lotus from seed, file down one side of the seed with sand paper until there is a small amount of white colour showing and place the seed in water. The Sacred Lotus seed should swell over the next few days and sprout within a week, growing quickly for the next couple of weeks. There are enough nutrients in the Nelumbo nucifera seed to support the plant for 30 days, but it should be planted as soon as practical. Plant in a pot with plenty of room for root growth below and around the seed (at least 100 cm) and place in water with the top of the pot between 30-40 cm inches below the surface of the water. Leaves will appear within a month and the plant should bloom in the second growing season.

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