PUNICA granatum - Pomegranate Bonsai

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Family: Lythraceae
Characteristics: Deciduous dwarf shrub 50-150cm

Seed per packet: Approx. 15
Seed per gram: Approx 20

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Native to the area of Persia which is the modern-day Iran and Iraq Pomegranate make an ideal attractive bonsai subject.
A handsome deciduous shrub or small tree that has long been cultivated as an ornamental and for its edible fruit. The fruit, about the size of an apple, bears many seeds, each within a fleshy crimson seed coating, enclosed in a tough yellowish to deep red rind.

Pomegranates are either eaten fresh or used for grenadine syrup.

Grow notes:

Although seed can be sown most of the year in many parts of Australia seed is generally best sown in spring, avoid the coldest and hottest months of the year. The optimum germination temperature for germination is around 18-22°C for this species.

  1. Soak seed overnight in water.
  2. Sow seed on the surface of a porous seed raising mix and gently firm.
  3. Sprinkle a light covering of the seed raising mix over the seed.
  4. Water with fine mist spray to avoid disturbance of the seed.
  5. Place in a warm shaded or semi-shaded position to avoid dying out.
  6. Keep warm & moist, and avoid drying out or waterlogging the growing mix.
  7. Germination generally occurs in around 14-28 days in the right conditions.

General note: Seeds of many plants are dormant and may require specific conditions or pre-treatment for germination.
Do not be too hasty to discard seed that does not germinate, seeds will often lay dormant until the conditions are similar to their natural requirements for germination to occur. Containers put to one side will often surprise long after they were discarded

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