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Family: Winteraceae
Characteristics: Shrub 3 m spread 2 m

Seed per packet:  Approx. 20
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Tasmania's native 'pepper' is an attractive shrub up to 5 metres high with dark green leaves and distinctive crimson young stems and bears black fruit, the size of a pea.
The pepper berries produce approximately 3 times more anti-oxidants than blueberries and have become a prized ingredient by chefs all over the world. They have a stronger, hot spicy flavour than black pepper and are more aromatic the normal pepper.

The berries should be harvested and left to dry until wrinkled and hard, at this point they are used as any other peppercorn. Use in pepper grinders, add to Asian and chilli dishes, salad dressings, marinades and pickling.
The aromatic leaves can be used fresh or dried in casseroles and stew but should only be added in the last half hour of cooking as they are quite strong, remove the leaves before serving, much the same way as you use Bay leaves.

Does well in sub-alpine climates.

Native to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Prefers well-composted soil in a protected shaded position, frost resistant but drought tender.

This species has a period of dormancy that needs to be broken before germination will occur. 
The preferred method to break the dormancy is cold stratification for 28 days. Hot water has also been suggested to break the dormancy. 

To replicate cold stratification soak the seed in warm to hot water overnight, place it on a moist paper towel, and place the paper towel in a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator for 28 days. Alternatively wintering in the garden in cold climates will assist germination.

Soak in water overnight. Sow seed 4-5 mm deep in a porous seed-raising mix.
Water with a fine mist spray to avoid disturbance of the seed. Germination  21-28 days after the period of cold treatment. Untreated seeds can take 6-9 months to germinate.

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