WATERMELON Crimson Sweet - CITRULLUS lanatus 250g

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Restrictions: NZ Prohibited

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Characteristics: Annual fruiting vine

Seed per packet: Approx.15
Seed per gram:  Approx. 22

$97.00 AUD Excl. GST

A unique variety of watermelon that has a sugar content of 12%. These watermelons weigh between 10-12 kg (21-25lb), have bright red flesh, and a sweet and crunchy taste.
They are almost round, around 25 to 30 centimetres in diameter, and each watermelon weighs an average of 10 kg.
Unfortunately, this variety is not commonly available commerically.

For growing melons, it is best to choose a location that will be exposed to full sunlight.
Watermelons grow best in well-drained loosened soil that is enriched with manures and compost.

The best way to grow melon seeds is by sowing them directly into the garden. Make sure to sow them 20mm deep and 60-80cm apart, with rows 150-200cm apart. Keep the soil moist but avoid over watering or letting it dry out.
When the seedlings are young, they will need protection until they are established. 

Tropical climate: All Year Round
Temperate climate: Spring to Early Summer.
Cool climate: Mid-Spring to Early Summer.

Germination: 10-14 days at a soil temperature of 25-32°C. 

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