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LIATRIS spicata - Blazing Star 10g

Other common name: Gay Feather

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Family: Asteraceae
Characteristics: Herbaceous perennial 100-180cm spread 100cm

Seeds per packet: Approx 100
Seed per gram: Approx. 375

An upright and clump-forming plant with flower spikes that arise from the tufted base. The tall spikes of long-lasting rose-purple flowers occur during late summer and autumn.
The flower-heads open from the top down and are tightly set with a tufted feather-like appearance. This appearance gives rise to the common name Prairie gay feather. Bird attractant.

Leaves are linear and grass-like and can reach lengths of 30 cm at the base and reduce in size as they progress up the stalk. Bulbs can be lifted and divided once they have died back at the end of the season once established.

Recommended for the home garden, borders and wildflower meadows. A showy plant with attractive flowers that make great cut flower 

It grows best in full sun with moist to mesic conditions and tolerates the combination of heat and humidity. Provide adequate water during hot dry spells.

Endemic throughout most of eastern North America.

Adaptable to a range of well-drained soils in an open sunny position.

For best results, Liatris spicata likes a period of cold. Cold Stratification can be achieved by placing moist seed for 45-60 days in the refrigerator or overwinter in the garden.
Sow seed in winter just below the surface. Do not sow seed too deeply.
Water with a fine mist spray to avoid disturbance of the seed.
Flowering occurs late spring and summer.

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