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Australian Paper Daisy Everlasting Mix 10g


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SKU Code: N 487-10g


Coverage 2 grams per sq/m


This brightly coloured Paper Daisy- Everlasting mix contains a range of annual Australian Native flowers that will provide a spectacular display when in flower.  Attracts beneficial insects and is a great pollinator blend.
Provide colour over a long period as they dry, useful for dried flower arrangments.


Ideal in Beds and Borders and mass planting meadow effect.

The blend includes:

CONOSTYLIS candicans (Cotton Heads), CRASPEDIA variabilis, HELICHRYSUM monstrosum (Strawflower), LAWRENCELLA davenportii (Sticky Everlasting) (Strawflower), LAWRENCELLA davenportii (Sticky Everlasting), OZOTHAMNUS diosmifolius (Rice flower) PYCNOSORUS globosus (Drumsticks), RHODANTHE chlorocephala (Everlasting), RHODANTHE manglesii (Paper Daisy), SCHOENIA filifoli (Showy Everlasting), XEROCHRYSUM bracteatum (Straw Flower)

Seed blends may vary due to seasonal collection.

Grow notes:

Scatter on the surface and rake over.

TropicalAutumn, Winter
Temperate and Cool:  
Autumn to Summer


Image copyright Australian Seed

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